How Essay Writing Skills Help You Improve Your Business Skills

Стартапы >> 06.03.2019, 22:06

The world of business is a world full of different people, opportunities, ideas, risks, and success stories. In order for you to conquer the business world, you need to work on yourself. By constantly investing in your professional development, you’re opening new doors for yourself and slowly building your way to the top. But, what does essay writing have to do with any of this?

You may not be aware of this, but essay writing is a great way to develop certain intellectual and professional skills you can apply to any sphere of business you’re in. These skills are both practical and effective. Let’s dig a little deeper and see how essay writing skills can help business people strive.

  • Knowledge

We’ve all heard the saying “Knowledge is power”. And, we couldn’t agree more.

In order for anyone to be a successful businessman, they need to be well-informed, enlightened, and constantly working on improving their general knowledge.

By gaining insight into different cultures, areas of study, recent findings and various discoveries, you’re developing your intellectual skills and building your confidence.

Essay writing is a great way to acquire knowledge. When you’re researching for a topic, you need to:
  • read books
  • read academic dissertations and papers
  • read academic journals
  • watch documentaries

All of this is helping you acquire knowledge and become a more accomplished person and businessman.
  • Creativity

With the business world being so unpredictable and fast-changing, you need to be able to follow that tempo.

This means you need to be able to make quick but effective decisions in no time and find a solution when the situation seems hopeless.
The one skill that can definitely help you do this is creativity.

Being creative implies you’re able to think outside of the box and follow your instincts. Essay writing helps you practice and nurture your creativity.

Here’s how:
  • writing is inspirational
  • it’s a creative process of crafting a piece of text
  • it’s experimental and liberating
  • it allows being unique and special
  • it gives you the freedom to go whichever way you want

Developing creativity is essential for being successful in business so it’s a great idea to practice it through essay writing.
  • Critical Thinking

In business, there’s no room for self-doubt and low self-esteem. Many people struggle to overcome these issues and become more self-confident and assertive.

The truth is, if you learn how to make your own judgment calls and analyze an issue in order to form an opinion about it, you’ll be much more decisiveand ready to step up.

In essay writing, it’s all about forming an opinion of your own. In order to do it, you need to:
  • analyze a question/problem
  • research it a gather information
  • analyze the material
  • form an opinion

This process is called critical thinking, and it’s a golden skill to have in the business world. It will help you rely more on yourself and your own instinct, rather than do what everyone else thinks is best.
  • Writing

In almost every business, there’s a lot of written correspondence happening between the companies, clients, associates, and customers.

We write business emails, proposals, suggestions, offers, and projects on a daily basis and our writing skills need to be impeccable.

Imagine writing a business email with spelling or grammar mistakes. We bet that would be an unsuccessful email.

Practicing your writing and proofreading skillsthrough essay writing is highly beneficial. It helps you learn how to eliminate everything that’s wrong with your text and make it perfectly accurate.

You can try using tools and service such as Grammarly or Get Academic Help to help you do a better job.
  • Argumentation

Presentation skills are something businessmen use every day in order to seal new deals, win over clients and sell their products or services.

Argumentation is the skill of being able to justify your decisions and show your listener why you’re right and he should listen to you.

This means you need to back your opinions up with facts, information, and your critical thinking journey. Then, you need to present it in a way everyone will understand and agree with.

This is the same thing you do when finalizing an essay:
  • you show your way of thinking
  • you draw conclusions based on facts
  • you explain your decision
  • you conclude on a strong note

Practicing argumentation and presentation skills will benefit you on many levels, and essay writing is the perfect way to practice it.


Although it may seem like essay writing and business are far from one another, we’ve shown you how inter-related they actually are. By practicing essay writing, you’re developing a set of quality, useful skills you’ll be using for your business ventures.

Therefore, work on improving your skills and becoming a better version of yourself today.